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MJC provides a comprehensive range of services, in the fields accounting & write-up, international and domestic tax planning and preparation of all types of US corporate and personal tax returns. We provide a wide range of business consulting services in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, US business set up, financing, cash management. Utilizing our global associates we can assist in the structuring of your overseas operations. Through our domestic affiliates we can make available to you an entire range of financial services and products, including employee benefit plans, asset management and retirement plans.


Michael Crombie, a British citizen, has over 33 years of US experience, in the Corporate Sector and subsequently the CPA, business consulting fields. He is a member of the American and New York State Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation from Pace University in New York City. He is also a NASD licensed investment advisor and a New York life insurance agent. After working in the Accounting profession in the UK he came to New York as a Tax Executive with the Reuters News Organization. He held senior Tax Management positions with Estee Lauder and Dun & Bradstreet before joining a New York City CPA firm, later becoming Senior Tax Partner. Michael and his team are committed to serve all your needs in the most cost effective and competitive way possible.


Gaurav Malhotra (CPA) is a tax advisor who helps individuals, businesses, and other organizations plan and reach their financial goals. He has over 10 years of US experience in Accounting and Taxation, he is specialized in international taxing, worked for Barclays & PWC .


MJC acts as CPA's for substantial privately held U.S. corporate clients as well as subsidiaries of foreign corporations. We act for small to mid-range businesses, including LLC's, Partnerships and Sole Proprietors in a wide range of industries. We have an extensive personal tax practice, which includes acting for many foreign nationals working in the U.S., Americans working overseas and high net worth individuals. In particular we work with ex-pats on their tax affairs which are often extremely complex with foreign income and foreign tax situations, an area of expertise rarely found in the US outside the big CPA firms. In addition we work with ex-pats on their foreign account reporting to Treasury.


“MJC has really helped me save on taxes for many years, as a Canadian in the US and following a work move from New York to California. Michael is very knowledgeable about the advertising industry and several of my colleagues are his clients too.”
Sandy Thompson, Global Planning Director, Y&R

“MJC has been an invaluable tax advisor to me and my family for over 20 years since I arrived in the US from the UK, expertly preparing Federal and State tax returns. He provides accurate and timely advice on tax laws and helps us to effectively manage our taxes at both the personal and corporate level.”
Graham Albutt, Business Consultant, former Senior Executive, Thomson Reuters.

“MJC has been our tax advisor for several years, advising on how to set up a US Subsidiary of a UK Parent, preparing Federal, State and local corporation tax returns, providing important and timely advice on US tax laws and the complexities of the US/UK tax treaty”.
Terri Leary, Operations Director at UTALK MARKETING LLC (The Knowledge Engineers)